Christmas Sensory Playdough Kit


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Start the festive season right with our beautiful Traditional Christmas Sensory Play Dough Kit. Playing with this kit will teach the littlies all about the colours and scents of Christmas and they will be able to fully immerse themselves in the traditions and fun of the season. Our kit stimulates all the senses with three Christmas coloured and scented, handmade play doughs, a hand painted Santa and Rudolph peg doll, a hand-crafted wooden sleigh and so much more! Our kits encourage open-ended and sensory play. There are so many benefits to these forms of play and we hope to inspire your little darlings to explore and learn while having a fabulous time playing with our kits.

  • 180g of our Gingerbread dough (Ginger and Nutmeg Essential Oil and Biodegradable Glitter)
  • 180g of our Christmas Tree dough (Pine Essential Oil & Biodegradable Glitter)
  • 180g of our Candy Cane dough (Mint Essential Oil & Biodegradable Glitter)
  • Wooden rolling pin
  • Bamboo dough cutting knife
  • A hand painted Santa & Rudolph peg doll
  • 1 hand-crafted wooden sleigh
  • A hand painted wooden Christmas tree and 3 small wooden gifts
  • 3 Christmas shaped cookie cutters (Also suitable for making real Christmas cookies)
  • A selection of wooden shapes, felt balls, bells, pine cones, gumnuts and more (items will vary and may not exactly match the pictures)


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