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What do ‘box, ‘tub’ and ‘pen’ all have in common? They are all CVC words! These discs will encourage your child to use their letter sound knowledge and start blending them together to make simple words! ⁣

A CVC word is a word that is made up of a consonant, vowel and a consonant.⁣

You can use these beautiful discs to: ⁣

  • Sound out & match the picture⁣
  • Focus on initial, middle or end sounds⁣
  • Play as a memory match game⁣
  • Sort them into categories⁣
  • Letter and sound recognition⁣
  • Writing and spelling⁣
  • …..the list goes on!⁣

This set includes 40 discs, 20 CVC words and 20 matching pictures. Each set is packaged in a bag that is perfect for gift giving, storage or taking the game on the go.

Material: Raw wood

Size: 60mm x .5mm

Recommended age: 3

Please note actual colours and grains may vary due to the product being natural wood.

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