Limited Edition 2021 Christmas Playdough

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Choose from 3 limited edition Christmas characters with their own scents!

Ricky Reindeer: Plum Pudidng scented playdough

Ricky is a caring, cheerful and excitable soul, who loves the magic of Christmas. Whilst still in the junior ranks at the North Pole, Ricky is hopeful to one day, get a turn at helping Santa circumnavigate the world on Christmas Eve.

In the meantime, Ricky loves helping out around the North Pole, assisting the elves and Mrs. Claus at any opportunity. Smelling of sweet plum pudding, Ricky’s favourite food, this special reindeer is a delight in scent and soul.

Santa- with his natural scent of candy cane, (because it is his favourite food), his jolly nature and squishy centre is a beautiful colourful candy cane blend of red and white playdough, ready for fun. A creator and hand crafter from way back, with more Christmas Spirit than you can poke a candy cane at, Santa is ready to encourage calm creative play.

Joy: Mrs. Claus

The unsung hero of Christmas, Joy is a big warm hug in a jar. Joy loves Christmas, like…. really loves Christmas. Joy loves baking, caring for the reindeer, studying languages as a linguistics specialist (helping Santa communicate with all the children of the world) and has a masters in computer science, keeping Santa and the elves up to date with all the latest toy technology. The humble, diligent, shy, intelligent, caring, calm, sensible, organised and warm matriarch of Christmas, is just as you’d expect her to be… sweet, calming and full of joy with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, rosemary with a burst of citrus and florals. Dark minty green playdough, with delightful red rose petals and jasmine.

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Joy: Mrs Claus, Ricky Reindeer, Santa Claus


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