Number Blocks


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Give your curious little one a head start in maths with early childhood development number blocks. Made from sustainable Beechwood with different numbers and delicate designs carefully etched into each surface, they are perfect for toddlers to touch, feel and explore every curve.

These handmade wooden blocks come equipped with an easy to grasp, tailor-made wooden stylus, allowing your little one to trace every design as they learn more about numbers during wooden block play.

Encouraging open-ended learning opportunities around numeracy and writing, these blocks enable your child to strengthen hand and arm movements, as well as develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. This, in turn, will help them get ready for writing down letters and numbers. Keep a close eye on their pencil grip and watch as they improve and get more confident in their writing!

The fun, however, doesn’t stop there. Take their play and learn time even further by allowing them to use small grains or small amounts of sand to fill the etched-in details and numbers. See their joy as their shape come to life when they gently turn over the blocks. Or, let them stack the blocks up and allow them to carefully select each block. Talk about the numbers and patterns and watch as they learn!

With these number blocks your child will get the opportunity to make the most of block play in early childhood – and enjoy a gorgeous playset at the same time.

Play Ideas:

  • Practice number recognition and writing.
  • Sensory play with sand or small grains.
  • Milestone and Countdown activities.


  • Promotes number writing skills.
  • Encourage fine motor skill and sensory play.
  • Made from sustainable Beechwood.

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