Finger Tracing Calming Cards


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When it comes to young people’s emotional development, there is no skill more important than self-regulation. As a result of children’s immature nervous system, as well as their developing frontal cortex (the part of the brain responsible for emotional control), most often lack the skills that they need to regulate their big feelings -- (if we are being honest, adults are still developing this skill too!)

Our Finger Tracing Calming Cards by My learning Toolbox are designed to help support young people when they are experiencing heightened or intense feelings. These cards can be used as a tool to help children to calm down, develop self-awareness, and re-gain self-control. Through regular use, these cards can help young people to become better at slowing down and managing their big feelings.

Side note: These cards are suitable for people aged from 3 - 99 years! Try using them as a family activity to down-regulate and exercise being present. The whole family can benefit!


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