My Zones of Feelings Auslan Edition Flash Cards


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This resource is based on The Zones of Regulation developed by Leah Kuypers.

The My Zones of Feelings Auslan Edition features 38 flash cards divided into four coloured zones: blue, green, yellow and red. The zones are designed to help your child to identify how they are feeling, and categorise their feelings based on colour.

Start by introducing your child to the four coloured zones. Use the descriptions of the zones on the back of this introduction card to help guide your explanation. Take your child through the different feelings presented on each card. You may wish to introduce a few feelings from each zone to start with, and add more as your child becomes familiar with the feelings in Auslan.

Try to talk to your child about strategies that can help them to feel good when they are experiencing different feelings within each zone. Use the reflection questions on the back of the cards to help prompt and guide your discussions.

Please note that the images displayed on each card are aimed to provide a broad understanding of the handshapes and movements required to sign different feelings in Auslan. It is recommended that you cross-reference these signs using resources within your local community.

These cards were developed in strong collaboration with multiple Auslan users, including Kirsten Mooney (Auslan teacher), David Grant (founder of Auslan with David, and Gail Smith (owner of Auslan Journey). We also consulted with the broader Deaf community to get their feedback on their preferred signs for the different feelings/emotions presented.


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