10 School Holiday Activities To Keep Little Minds Busy

10 School Holiday Activities To Keep Little Minds Busy

With less than a week before school holidays, now is the time to start thinking about how you can entertain the troops!

School holidays can be a blessing and a curse. Initially, being able to have some more relaxed mornings can feel like a dream! Who doesn’t love getting a rare sleep in and lazy mornings with less arguments over uniforms and shoes and lunch boxes?

But, soon all that gives way to little people out of routine, full of energy and BORED.

Luckily for you I have compiled a list of my top 10 School Holiday Activities to keep your little ones busy!!

  1. Get Out In Nature. Go for a walk, around the neighbourhood, in a National Park, at the beach! Just get out and in nature.
  1. Create Some Nature Artwork. While out and about, why not collect leaves, sticks, shells, flowers etc. and create your own artwork! Your Wild Child by Brooke Davis has some incredible ideas for nature-based arts & crafts.
  2. Create Your Own Story Book. Why not encourage your little one to be creative and create their very own story. You could work together or separately. You could work on your own illustrations or go digital!
  3. Encourage Sensory Play Sensory play is always a hit with kids. If you need a moment, setting up a sensory activity will often buy you some time! Check out Little Potion Co. and Trays for Plays for some quality, ready to play with kits that your little ones will love.
  4. Get Baking! Even better, you can create your own sensory experience by baking with your kids. Cookies are a great hands-on baking experience. They can mix the ingredients, roll the dough, cut out their shapes and once baked can take time decorating. You can even use a baking kit like this one from Easy Peasy Cakes.
  5. Set Up Some Imaginative Play. Sometimes our little people just need some inspiration. Why not set up a play space for them and then let them go from there. The Create N Play Town from Happy Architect is such a versatile piece. You can set up a town for superheroes to protect, cars to drive through, or even for a little family to live in.
  6. Movie Day Bring the cinema home and create a super cozy space at home for your little ones to watch some movies. Snuggle up on the couch, get the popcorn and water bottles and have a super relaxed day. This one is perfect for those rainy, cold days.
  7. Make It Giant! Why not head outside and take the boardgames with you! Our Big Game Hire are a great way to create some structured play activities outside. Why not take a picnic, meet some friends and hire some lawn games for hours of fun!
  8. Get Creative. Painting, drawing and colouring are all great ways to engage our little ones in an activity.
  9. Build Something. Construction sets are a great way to teach through play. They also keep little hands busy! Our Bamboo Construction Set is an incredible large form construction set that can be used in a multitude of ways.

I hope you have been inspired by some of these suggestions! If you do try some I would love to see what you do! Feel free to tag us in any of your social media posts or send your pics through to hello@belowthewillowtree.com.au

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