A Love Letter to my Hometown

Below The Willow Tree

Right now, might be my most favourite month in my home-town.

Traditionally, we hold our local agricultural show several weeks before Easter. It’s the chance for our local farmers to show their livestock and produce before heading off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

It’s also one of the best small town shows.

It really is.

It is hard to describe. But our entire town just comes to life. Not that it isn’t full of life normally. It is just extra magical. There is such an air of excitement in the town. We have a full main street of locals and visitors and a somewhat nostalgic smell of livestock and dagwood dogs!

I have been living in Camden most of my life. I grew up here.

And this town just has my heart.

Camden is a smallish town south-west of Sydney. It was actually founded by John Macarthur who settled here with his wife to establish a successful wool industry. Which he did, with Merino sheep.

We are a town steeped in history and agriculture and although we have grown, the heart of Camden is still a beautiful, charming country town.

Whether you are heading into Camden from Camden Valley Way, or heading out of town towards Cawdor, you will be met with sprawling parcels of land and plenty of cows and horses. There is something so special about feeling like you are still in the country whilst also having all the benefits of town life.

And we are blessed with the most incredible community. Mateship is strong here in Camden and our local’s know how to rally together for all our annual traditions – like the show – as well as when faced with adversity. And well, after Covid and then 5 major floods in 3 years, we have had our fair share!

After so many years of cancelled traditions, it is so exciting to have street parades back, our Christmas Light Up events and even the show!

Growing up, I never realised that our town was exceptionally beautiful. I just imagined all towns looked like ours. But we do have a truly beautiful town.

Our gorgeous main street is lined with a mixture of heritage buildings and heritage fixtures. The street is divided with a median strip full of gorgeous Jacaranda Trees, all wrapped in fairy lights that really bring the magic at night time.

Camden’s CBD is a gorgeous few km’s of predominantly small businesses, owned by locals. Think gorgeous boutiques, florists, beauty services and so many cafes and restaurants. We even have our very own Tea House! No one will go hungry when visiting Camden!

When I purchased Below the Willow Tree I was so excited to be able to open a physical store. I of course wanted it to be in my hometown. But to be a store-owner on the main street of my home town is still something that makes me so proud.

It’s also part of the reason I work so hard to source products from fellow small business owners.

Camden is certainly a town like no other.

But it isn’t just where I live, it is the place my heart and soul feels at home.

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