Great Christmas Activities to Encourage Writing Skills

Great Christmas Activities to Encourage Writing Skills

Writing is one of those skills that get better and better with practice.

And with school ending for the year, it can be hard for our little ones to be motivated to keep practicing their writing.

Lucky for you, I have a bunch of activities that are great for encouraging our little ones to practice their writing and even better, they won’t even know that is what is happening!

  1. Writing Christmas Cards
    • This is an incredible activity that helps your little one with formal writing skills and can be as creative as they like! All you need is some Christmas cards, a list of classmates and friends and off they go!
    • For added fun, you could include some stickers or stamps to personalise!
  2. Letter to Santa or Christmas List
    • I haven’t met a little one yet that doesn’t love writing to Santa. And what is not to love? A magical man that brings you presents?!
    • Asking children to list the things they would like is often the easiest way to motivate them to get writing. It’s easy, it’s mostly bullet point and again they can take time to decorate and be creative as well.
  3. Thank You Cards/Letters
    • What a beautiful exercise in gratitude and appreciation than to encourage your little one to write a thank you card or letter to a special someone, thanking them for their present.
    • This is a super easy activity and if for family that aren’t close by, it can add a more exciting element to take to the post office and mail it off.
  4. New Year’s Wishes/Resolutions
    • My last activity is a great little way to get your child thinking about the year ahead. This doesn’t need to be an overly deep activity. Just a time to allow them to imagine and dream about what they want their year to be like and put it on paper.
    • It can be bullet point or a letter or a story! Any format is fine.
    • You could even create a bit of a time capsule by keeping the letters somewhere safe with some other items that represent this past year, opening them up and re-reading on 1 Jan 2024.

There you go! 4 easy activities to get your little one writing!!

Which one is your favourite?

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