Have you heard about Transforming Toys?

Transforming toys are not just a toy, they are an educational tool. They are tools to help kids learn about the world around them and develop cognitive and imaginative skills.

Made typically from wood or other natural materials, Transforming Toys provide a fun and engaging way to teach kids about the natural world and the environment. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, these toys are often made with only the finest materials and are carefully designed to stimulate cognitive skills.

We already know that children learn through play. They develop their motor skills, problem solving skills and creativity by playing and when we provide transforming toys, we can enhance this learning process.

How are transforming toys different to other toys?

Transforming toys are not just your usual toy. Unlike mass-produced plastic toys available in the thousands, Transforming Toys have multiple uses and help to inspire gameplay, learning and the imagination. The benefits or uses of transforming toys are endless. Children often will use transforming toys alongside their traditional toys, therefore making them a great investment.

You will find that a lot of early childhood educators utilise transforming toys in the classroom. Why? Because they encourage our little one’s senses and provide sensory play. Sensory play is any activity that makes use of all the senses, especially the ones related to touch, sight, and sound. For children to be able to manipulate toys to match what they imagine is essential to cognitive development in allowing your child to learn through sensory exploration.

But! There are so many other benefits to transforming toys then just sensory play.

Transforming Toys are also environmentally friendly, and due to being made from natural materials, they are typically they are eco-friendly, sustainable are finished with non-toxic paints, dyes and finishes making them less toxic than some traditional plastic toys. 

What toys then are considered Transforming Toys?

Wondering what exactly a transforming toy looks like? Well, they aren’t anything new or fancy. Transforming Toys is perhaps just a newer term for a category of toys we previously didn’t categorise.

Wooden blocks for a great example of a transforming toy. They are a toy that can be used in a multitude of ways and truly allow children’s imaginations to takeover. Wooden Blocks have been around for centuries, and they offer a lot of benefits to children in terms of playtime and development.  Our Bamboo Counting & Building Set are made from high-quality bamboo, which is renewable and sustainable.

For older children or more advanced play, our Magnetic Wooden Shapes encourage imaginative play through design and construction. These beautifully crafted magnetic blocks help children to learn about magnets, shapes and early math concepts as well as offer endless free-play opportunities. These blocks promote the development of motor and problem-solving skills as they experiment with constructing, knocking down and constructing again.

It isn’t just about blocks though! Our Happy Architect Natural Set provides hours of fun! The Happy Architect create incredible construction toys that are designed for creative, open-ended construction. This set encourages children to use their imagination and explore a whole new world of their own. This natural wooden construction set is great for your little ones to practice their fine motor skills by slotting the pieces together. Not only that but they can build a castle, ddollhouse or even a zoo, only limited by their imagination!

Want to add some transforming toys to your children’s collection?

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