My Zones of Feelings Flash Cards


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This resource is based on The Zones of Regulation developed by Leah Kuypers.

The My Zones of Feelings flash cards are divided into four coloured zones: blue, green, yellow and red. The zones are designed to help your child to identify how they are feeling, and categorise their feelings based on colour.

The first step in talking to your child about their feelings is to teach them the four zones and the feelings that fall into each of them. You can do this by having discussions and practising together. Try talking to your child about the zones in different contexts and environments, and encourage them to identify which zone they are in. To help your child to develop the competencies needed to self-regulate, talk to them about strategies that can help them to ‘feel good’ when they are experiencing different feelings within each zone. The reflection questions on the back of each card are prompts that can help guide these discussions.

Through regular use, these cards can help your child to understand how they feel at different times, and to learn strategies to manage their responses to their feelings.


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